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6 - 9 Months

1. Carol Trueman with Carolelen Cover Girl  ((BP)

2. Ros Allan with Willowtarn Twice th' Trouble

3. Heather Wilcox with Carolelen Call me Valentino

4. Angela Mitchell with Valdosta Little Owl



1. Sheila Riding with Ancor's Surprize Percy Polaris for Torinska

2. Jean Peters with Myter Pennies from Heaven for Shelworth

3. Jane Diment with Peerieglen Polliwog

4. Rosemary Marshall with Forestland Galaxy

5. Janet Ferris with Willowtarn Time to Party at Ferrimere



1. Ros Allan with Willowtarn Time to Frolic

2. Dora Sendall with Sendora Waltztime

3. Linda Whittington with Tighness Three Card Trick

4. Jean Peters with Tighness Takes Two to Tango at Shelworth



1. Carol Trueman with Carolelen Cause a Scene

2. Dora Sendall with Peerieglen Pearldrop at Sendora

3. Janet Ferris with Ferrimere Fairy Fable

4. Pauline Batten-Jones with Paulhays Aaron Isle


Companion under 7 years

1. Denise Chaplin with Kimi

2. Eve Martin with Leo

3. Paul and Marion Wood with Timmy

4. Paul and Marion Wood with Lydia

5. Peggy Downes with Lucas


Veteran Companion

1. Denise Chapman with Beau

2. Angela Evans with Gracie

3. Margaret Reese with Sassy

4. Peter and Christine Clarke with Skye

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