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Guest: Rose Peacock-Jackson

Under 6 Months

1. Lyn Woodhams with Shaylin Space Cadet

2. Lyn Woodhams with Shaylin Show Me Heaven

6-9 Months

 1. Wendy Matthews with Esterbon in the Shadows

2. Val Winfield with Oakcroft Tiana

9-12 Months

 1.  Lili Mettan-Ure with Valdosta Dare to Dream of Savendie

2. Dot Weller with Evad Halloween Queen


1. Val Winfield with Adventurine Bohemia Classic joins Oakcroft

2. Suzanne Standen with Forestland Golden Ivy



1. Janet Ferris with Willowtarn Time to Party at Ferrimere

2. Dot Weller with Carolelen Cascading Stars for Evad



1. JMargaret Seymour with Willowtarn Twice as Nice

2. Janet Ferris with Willowtarn Take the Breeze at Ferrimere


1. Shelia Bliss with Leo

2.  Denise Chaplin with Coco

Veteran Companion

1. Suzanne Standen with Leotie

2.  Melody Cheal with Buck

Best Puppy

Valdosta Dare to Dream of Savendie

Best Adult

Willowtarn Time to Party at Ferrimere


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